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Need some help M1-M2-M4 chokes


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Man do I feel stupid. But what kind of chokes do my Benelli M1/M2&M4 take?

is it Cryo? Mobile? Do all three use the same kind? Thank you. 

I’m looking for an extended Skeet choke and an extended IC choke and when I got them it would not for even thou it said for Beretta/Benelli shotguns. Thank you. 

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M1 and M4 are Mobil chokes. M2 are Crio.


The whole Benelli/Beretta thing is complicated, they're the same but they're not. Long story short, they'll fit, but won't act the same depending on a few things.

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Posted (edited)

There's actually 3 choke types. Mobil, Crio, and Crio Plus.

M1 is the only one on your list that takes Mobil chokes. The early M2 might take Crio, but for sure current M2's and all M4's take Crio Plus. One way to get a rough idea unless the barrel has been changed, is if it is an HK imported model (Montefeltro, Black Eagle, early Super Black Eagle, M1, original M3, etc.) all use Mobil chokes. After that they went to Crio and as far as I know, anything made after maybe 2006 or 2007 should be Crio Plus. Another, always accurate way to tell what you need, is to remove the choke in the barrel and look inside (unloaded obviously). If the threads are at the very end of the barrel, they are Mobil. If they are ~3/4" or so down inside the barrel, then it is Crio Plus.

I will note however that Crio does screw into the Mobil choke barrels, it is just extended. That said, Benelli wouldn't give me a clear answer whether that is a safe configuration so I have never fired it that way.

This might help a little:


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