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Freshly De-Banned M4, New Owner.


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Hi All,

New Benelli Owner here, Always loved this shotgun and after firing friend's M4's over the years, I finally decided to pull the trigger on one of my own. I sent it off to StrangerDanger for the Receiver extension and magazine swap. Parts used in Conversion are -

Carrier Comp 7rd magazine tube and follower

RxArms 6 position stock tube/receiver extension

FFT trigger kit

I plan on adding a Surefire Scout light and a MSP light mount. I will be adding an RMR when my Scalarworks RMR mount gets here. 

This M4 runs like clockwork, no issues after approx 100ish rounds of various loads. I appreciate StrangerDanger's flawless work and advice. Awesome guy to deal with. 





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Welcome to the club. Glad to hear you ended up going with the M4 instead of some other, umm, shotguns, that people rave about. The M4 is by far the best combat shotgun a person can buy, imo at least.  

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Thanks guys. I've owned a Remington 1187 and a Mossberg 930 tac. Both had magazine issues and the 930 would choke on certain ammo. I wanted a good reliable semi auto and the M4 is everything I wanted in a semiauto 12 ga. Absolutely love how it handles. 

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On 6/13/2024 at 10:21 AM, CEBEP said:

What’s receiver extension? If it’s loading port then I’d appreciate a few close ups! 

The receiver extension/recoil tube is from RX Arms. I haven't done anything to the loading port. 

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On 6/13/2024 at 9:40 PM, Bimanari said:

Still waiting for my carrier comp tube as well. Is that color Dark Grey? I’m trying to contact @StrangerDanger but does not look like I am allowed to PM at this time.

Yes it's the Dark Grey. It looks more shiny in these pics, but matches almost perfectly in person. 

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