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Tucker I wrote Customer Service Via their Contact selection and filled out their direct contact on the web site. Also I'm not sure why individual models don't have their own category I don't believe it is difficult to set up. This is a first class forum I'm sure they can. I have been on many forums with multiple categories that relate to a single model of a certain product surely they could put Model categories. The reason I want it is because there is an overwhelming amount of activity directed twords shot guns and it is more dificult to find rifle conversation. If anyone wants to see what I mean by catagorizing for a product check out the ( http://www.neurosaudio.com/ ) site under forum. I think they make about 3 main products.

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While I argee that other forums in general are more advanced in some ways, I'll have to stand up for Benelli and say that they are way ahead of the pack of firearms makers with theirs.

Kudos also to them for their mostly "hands-off" approach in censorship on this forum.


Someone at Benelli has realized that the most open and honest customer feedback comes from shutting up and letting the customers speak amongst themselves.

Anonymity is a double-edged sword, but I think by and large, the pros outweigh the cons, as consumers tend to speak their minds more freely when they're just a nickname and an IP address.

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