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R1 Rifle ?


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Search this forum for posts regarding the R1.

I bought one last Fall and used it almost exclusively for the entirety of the VA deer season.

Overall, I have been pleased with the weapon, although there have been several issues worth addressing.


The second day of field use, the stock cracked in two places. I used the gun the rest of the season and then sent it in for repairs in early January. It's due to be repaired and returned in the next week or so. In Benelli's defense, they did send me a replacement stock by mail right away, but it was a mismatch in grain and tone, so we agreed to have it sent in after the season.


The search will reveal posts by myself and others regarding performance and tweaks that will give you more insight into the R1. You will definitely want to know some of the things mentioned in these posts, because they will help you to get the most out of your investment.


I would buy another one, even though I had some problems with mine in the beginning. It shoots great and has performed flawlessly. It weren't for the problem with the stock, I'd give it a 9 out 10. As it is, I'll give it an 8.

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I like mine. I like the fact that you can take barrel off to clean from chamber. I have a 308 , and I reload my ammo. You will need to buy a small base die if you plan to reload. I like how simple the rifle is, it's alot like my s.b.e. The only thing I don't like is the trigger it's alot like my s.b.e. and thats not good on a rifle. Accuracy, the rifle does really well, I've worked up a load with 150 combined tech bullet and I've shoot around 5 or 6 3 shoot groups, and they were all under an inch. The only other thing I don't like has nothing to do with the rifle, It has to do with Benelli They have yet to offer the barrels for a caliber change.

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1126 rounds in a year from my 30-06 proves how much i like R1. Paper-punching handloads with SMK bullet is what i use the most, but also have a few hunting loads cooked up for this rifle. Soft shell hornady SST for roe-buck and Nosler partition for heavier game, all of these mentioned above are sub-moa up to 200 yds.

I can't say much about factory-made ammo, haven't tried much thats for sure. Rem Accutip and Win Bal-silvertip looked promising tho.

Weapon itself has a mild recoil good enough for my wife to enjoy shooting 50 rds of ammo without any complaints. Recently i made a new 2lb lead cast that fits inside a stock to reduce recoil even further.

Easy access to all the parts makes cleaning much less troublesome, lotsa cleaning nonetheless just like with every other semi-auto out there. It takes me 'bout 30 minutes to clean all parts so it's not that bad anyways, where i spend 1 hour to fully clean AR10. ( of course both do not include barrel cleaning time ).

Adjustable stock height and deviation is a nice thing to have, set of shimms made for that purpose comes with every R1 rifle.

There are a few design flaws that should be adressed by Benelli such as common problem with forearm cap coming loose after few fired rounds. Other issues are very minor that relate to easier cleaning which play no role in overall handling with exception of trigger work. They can be fixed easily at home, no worries there.

I wish it was possible to adjust trigger pull to my preference. Among other sticks, i have 4 semi-auto .30 cal. rifles at home, all with custom triggers except Benelli R1. Original trigger isn't bad at all - crisp and heavy just like it suppose to be in any "semi".


Read up on previous posts. Theres quite a few buried somewhere in archives , well worth looking into. I bought this rifle courious of a new Thing out on the market. Having previous experience with Benelli shotguns had alot to do with this decision , afterall 979$ is alot'a money.

I'm happy with R1 - it's a keeper thats for sure.




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