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Ultra Light


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I am thinking about picking up an ultra light to use as my primary pheasant gun. Just wondering how many folks on the forum already have one, and what do you think of them? I love the idea of the light weight, but I wonder about the recoil of a 6 pound twelve gauge. However, the Ruger gold label side by side is only 6.5 pounds I think, and no one seems to complain much about it's recoil. I look foward to hearing your feedback. I want one of those ultra lights in the worst way! Thanks in advance.

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Obviously, recoil is going to be relevant to the loads you use, but I'd expect this gun to kick plenty, based on how my SBEII will thump you.


For hunting purposes, I don't think you'll notice recoil with a rooster in your sights, but a round of trap or clays could make you think about it more.


An aftermarket Limbsaver or similar is going to be a hot item with this one. Did you see the factory pad? Almost nothing :confused:

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I've got an UltraLight. I've had it a month now.

I really like it.

I've shot about 200 rounds of cheap WasMart "Sport Loads" at clays, and a handfull of field loads that I would hunt with just to see waht they felt like.


With the clay loads there is no recoil that anyone would notice.

The field loads give you some recoil but no more than my Franchi Alcione Titanium O/U.


I'm thinking that your Ruger Gold SXS will feel about the same as the UL in recoil.


And by the way, I really want to get a Ruger Gold SXS. It is a very cool shotgun.


I don't think this is going to be the gun for 3" magnums. But who needs that for upland birds?


The recoil pad is made of some kind of soft translucent plastic. It isn't the same material as my SBEII but it is molded the same way, for a right hand shooter.

On a bad note... The lower tip of my butt pad broke off. Benelli CS says thay will replace it. The gun is so new that they don't have any spares. They said they would pull one off a new gun. I said I would contact them again in a month or so when they did have spares.

It's not a big deal, I can use the gun just fine.

There is a picture I posted of the pad on another thread.


If you like a light shotgun, you will like this one.

The short barrel makes it quick to point.

It handles and looks like a slim 20ga auto.


Go buy one.

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