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Increase lenght for my new guns.


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Hello there!!


I just purchased a new SBEII and also a Nova Pump, I'm a pretty big guy, therefore I need to get this guns fitted, I noticed there is a pad that you can purchase but even with it,. they will still be to short for me, I need to add about 2 inches, any sugestions??

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If it's that big of an issue, then you may want have a competent gunsmith look at it and give some advice.

My first thought would be to see if a thicker spacer could be made to go between the stock and forearm. Keep in mind that the SBEII operates on recoil and the spring is in the stock, so lenghtening the distance may have some adverse effects on the functionality.


Another thing I'd ask about would be to see if a shim could be fashioned to fit into the end of the stock and make up some distance there. It would be even better if they could fabricate it so that the gel pad would still fit into the butt end of it.

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The way I read it you want to lengthen the LOP. If both these guns have the Benelli Gel pads, then you will have to use a Recoil Pad Replacement Kit as there is no way to attach a standard pad or a spacer to the Gel pad & stock without it. You can get spacers, pitch spcers, and recoil pads direct from Kickeez (http://www.kickeez.net). The Replacement Kit from All Sport Tech (734-717-5390). Hope this helps.--GB

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