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Left Hand shooters and R/H guns


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I just made the switch to a LH SBE last season... I had some difficulty making the change as I too had grown up shooting RH guns... My son just got a RH SBE last month... I am able to shoot it without the spent shells geeting noticed smile.gif ... I am comfortable with the Lefty now and wouldn't change back..

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I am a lefty that shoots 1 of three benellis. It will be easier for you to load the RH shotguns as you won't have to take it down from your shoulder to put a round in the chamber.


I do have a suggestion.


Consider reversing the safety so that it functions for a lefty cause if you use it as it comes from the box you can put it on safe inadvertently when you need to fire it. The factory has a three page fax that shows you how. It thank them for making it possible.


In MHO not a better shotgun out there.

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Hi Littlemac smile.gif Would you happen to know if I would be able to reverse the safety on my M3 Super 90, I mean how much different can the safety and trigger mechanizms be between the m3 and sbe. I happen to be a lefty as well and was thinking along those routes to reverse the safety on my shotgun. FAx, factory......could I call them up to have then send me a copy on how to do this procedure? Any help would be appreciated, plus safety always comes first. :D


Take care all.

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