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Sabot Slug recommendation for M1 Slug gun

CNY Deer hunter

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I'm not saying you can't shoot sabots. That is why I wrote "for accuracy purposes".


Without rifling (either on the projectile, sabot, or the bore) you cannot induce rotation on the bullet. Without bullet rotation, there is no bullet stability during its flight, leading to a less than stable flight path. So if you don't mind having less than accurate shooting, by all means, go ahead.

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M1014 - what's up? I don't see your point.


G-eda's 1st reply was completely accurate.




To try to answer the question, I have never tested the 20 ga slugs + Benelli combo, but I have shot 100's of test rounds through my SBE and the gun has taken 10 whitetails in Iowa.


It all depends on what barrel you are using. If it is rifled, my Benelli has a clear taste for Winchester sabots. Both the Partition Gold and Platinum Tip pattern very well. I actually like the PT @ 1700 fps better than the PG @ 1900 fps.


btw - there is no real reason to shoot 3" slugs even if you can find them, its the velocity & mass that matter.


If you are shooting a smooth barrel, buy a few brands of Foster's slugs and see what your gun prefers. In smoothbore, my 12 ga M1 liked anything from Brenekke first, with all the standard slugs working fine. I bet the 20 ga Winchester Super X would work fine.


Good luck - test as many slugs as you can!


mudhen - CA

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