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Zeiss Z-Point on Benelli shotguns

Mark D

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Dear Gang,


I have another stupid question for the group:


-I am going to get a Zeiss Z-Point reflex sight that I can interchange between guns. It can be had in a "picatinny" or a "weaver" compatible base. Is there a way to mount this on a SBE II or M2 without marring the gun? If I were going to mount it on a M4, would I simply need to get the "picatinny" mount?




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Hi: Mark D.


Let us know what you think of the Zeiss Z-Point.


I am considering one for a new M-4, along with an EO-Tech and a Pride Fowler.


If you go to the M-4 page on the Benelli websight and play the video.......about 20 seconds into it you will see several M-4s outfitted with the Zeiss. It seems to fit very well and is quite small, sitting up on the rail.


I did read that it (Z-Point) is not a holographic sight as are the other 2 I'm looking at.


I'm trying to research and understand just what that means as far as sight picture and such.


Anyone with some insight on that..........PLEASE ! Chime in!


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Pa Lawman,

Quoting this source,


"Basically, if you're familiar with the "heads up" display available to the pilots of modern jet fighters, then you have the concept of the HOLOsight in a nutshell. With what Bushnell calls "advanced holographic technology," a shooter using one of these sighting devices can quickly acquire and engage targets with virtually none of the problems associated with conventional optical weapon sights.

Without worrying about parallax or magnification, you can keep both eyes open while shooting. And unlike optics that rely on crosshair reticles which should be centered on the same axis as both your intended target and the pupil of your sighting eye, you do NOT have to have the center of the HOLOsight's projected reticle in the center of the lens.

Once you've adjusted the unit for elevation and deflection, you never need to waste time centering the reticle on a target before firing.

It's real simple -- if the reticle is on whatever you want to shoot, just pull the trigger. Don't concern yourself that perhaps the center of the reticle happens to be in the lower left corner or the upper right corner or just a little to the left of dead-center.

The position of your head is NOT critical when using this sight, and that is the beauty of this system."

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Thanks Tucker !


I was thinking from the design of the Zeiss, it looked like a short tube "scope" encased in the sight's housing.


I think I'm leaning more toward either an Eo-Tech 551 with the lowest possible QD mount that Mark over at LaRue can fit to it.......or....... If he ever gets any of the low profile Pride Fowlers in, perhaps that.


One thing that worries me about the PF is the obviously smaller aperature "window" size than the EO. My thought is that the larger the window, the better for use in a high stress situation.


I may give Mark a call and talk to him about that. :rolleyes:

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