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Time to Upgrade

Pa Lawman

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A few months ago I decided to upgrade my old semi-tactical 870 duty gun.


Well; After lurking here for a few months and gathering intelligence, I was still torn between a few manufacturers and sticking with a pump or going semi. I soon settled in on the Benellis.......


:confused: Question was, Pump....M3-Convertible..or..M4 :confused:


I narrowed it down to an M3....or an .... M4. To get some questions answered I called the LE sales and training department and had a real nice talk with a fellow there. I had a lot of questions regarding the type of less lethal rounds I use from time to time.


Bottom line.......






:D M-4 :D

With Tritium Sights and a Fixed Pistol Grip Stock

Ordered Today






Now I've been reading all your posts regarding accessories and today made several telephone calls to order a laundry list of items you all have been raving about.....


Mesa Tactical 6 Shell Side Saddle Carrier

Benelli +2 Mag Tube Extension

Benelli Tactical Case

LaRue Low Profile Iron Dot Sight Assembly


;) So All in All, Thank You ! (You Know Who You Are) for a wealth of information, opinions, and user feedback. It helped a great deal in assisting me making my decision.


Stay Safe Out There !


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Great post!

It's refreshing to see someone do their homework not only up-front, but on their own time and their own terms.


By lurking and absorbing you knew which questions were still unanswered, and you took them straight to the man behind the curtains for the answers.


Well done, sir!

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Yes - lurking here does have it's advantages. I have learned a great deal about Benelli's, and am leaning towards purchasing one, at some point. Currently, I do not own one, but lurking on this board has given me a great deal of food for thought...and it's been profitable, as I was able to learn about the OEM extended magazine tubes and make a quick grand off of selling a couple of the ones I was able to snag! smile.gif That wouldn't have happened without lurking on this site.

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Christmas Came Early !


Got the call today from my dealer.........My new M-4 is in. He's changing out the sights for the tritium night sights, I'll probably get there end of the week to pick it up.


Then it's home to mount the X-tras..........


Mesa Tactical 6 shell side saddle


SureFeed +2 Extension...... (Temporary, while I wait for Socom's one piece assembly)


EoTech 511 / A65


Hopefully, Next weekend, I'll get it out to the range for the all important christening!


Thanks to all of you guys for the information you indirectly provided me with, it proved a great asset in both making my decision and selecting the add-ons !



Stay Safe Out There!


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