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New M4; Did I get ripped?


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I'm completely new to shotgunning but have been interested in getting a tactical shotgun for some time. So, I've done alot of reading and net surfing trying to educate myself. Usually when I purchase a gun I know completely what I'm buying, but this time I yielded to an impulse buy. I was at a gun shop several hours drive from home and saw a M4 11707 for $1430.00. Haven't been able to find one on the shelf elsewhere, It would be a long time before I would get back to that store, and it felt good in my hands. Also bought an EoTech sight for it.


So, did I pay alot for a dog or was this a reasonable buy.



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Thank's for the reassurance. I've had time now to do some further snooping on the net and see I got a fair price- on the lower end of the spread. However, most have none in stock. I just lucked out it was on the rack. The more I shoulder it the more I like it.


Anybody ever check out the mag extensions at Daves Metal Works.



How about this source for choke tubes?


I'm brand new to all this and having a blast.



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