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SBE2 in 2006


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I'm a new member to this forum considering the purchase of an SBE2 Comfortech. It's time to upgrade from my old 870 express, and I'm told by some that SBE2 is the gun to get for life. I hunt most everything as time permits, but I still consider myself somewhat a novice.


So I've been researching all forums out there (including this site) for opinions on the 2006 SBE2. Almost everything read was very positive, with the exception of some cycling issues (which I suppose could be shell related), and stiff safety release issues in older forums.


Has anyone spent any time with latest SBE2? Anything change from 2005 to 2006, or is it the same gun? If Benelli were to change the gun, when do they normally release new versions or models, each calender year, hunting season, whenever it's ready, ?? I'd hate to spend that much cash on a current SBE2 only to find a new version was released a month or so later. Lastly, any changes to the safety mechanism (no recent post, so I suspect this was improved)? General feedback is welcome.

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For the "general feedback" category here is my opinion on issues or problems with the SBE.

Consider the number of problems posted here and then compare that to the number of SBE's out there that aren't having problems. I'm betting it's a very small percentage. Whatever the year of manufacture your chances of having a problem are no more than with any other proven consumer product. I don't know if there will be any changes to the '06 version. A call to customer service should answer that.


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