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While the mods quickly deleted my post regarding changing the R1's safety for southpaws, no one seems quite so eager to answer my simple question regarding the proper amount of tightening on the fore-end cap.

Well, anyone can be the hall monitor.

Seems we're heavy on those and short on teachers.

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I'll respond to you... Can't answer your question though...I just bought my first Benelli M2 a few days ago and as I'm in Calif. I still have 5 of my 10 days to go till I can pick it up. So, I'm sure I'll be posting some questions here too myself.


But I did find your post on changing the R1's safety for those that are right hand challenged. It's not deleted... did it get moved from where you first posted it?

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Your post was not deleted, Tucker. It is listed in "Big Game Hunting". Ease of safety reversal was not a primary design consideration in the R1 trigger group. My hat is off to you for successfully completing the task. We don't provide instructions for reversing the safety on any of our models.....way too much liability. That being said, we would have been happy to have done it for you.....if you had asked.

As for the R1 forend cap tightness.......If there are red dots on the side, you just tighten until it gets snug and then align the marks with each other. If you don't have the dots, then there should be a large spring in the base of the cap, in which case you should tighten until you feel a well defined stopping point. The heavy spring provides the stopping point as further tightening would require compressing the spring....and that would be difficult. The idea is to get the same amount of tension each time the rifle is reassembled in order to keep your point of impact consistent.


Customer Service Manager

Benelli USA


[ 09-09-2004, 09:15 PM: Message edited by: Montefeltro ]

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