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M4 and SLUGS


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Sabot slugs are only for a rifled barrel, which your M4 is not. Rifled slugs, on the other hand, are ment for smoothe bore barrels like your M4. You'd have to check the individual rifled slugs you shoot to make sure they're okay for use with a Modified choke. I'd recomend slugs from Brenneke, they're designed to be used with a choked barrel. I use the Brenneke K.O. slugs. They're 1 oz @ 1600 fps, and you can find them online for about $2.25 a box of 5. I shot some of them yesterday in my M1014 and they work great! smile.gif

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No sabots ... they are designed to spin; when they don't ... they pitch and yaw. Use "Foster" type slugs. Remington "Sluggers" Federal "TruBall" Winchester Power Points are a few more. They flatten & expand quickly after penetration and transfer their energy rapidly. Brenneke slugs on the other hand are designed not to expand, therefore they kill by deep penetration and long wound channels. This may be an asset on tough game, but a liability in self defense situations where you'd prefer your slug NOT to be going through your target and still carrying lethal energy to places unknown. :eek: :eek:


Modified choke should be fine for any foster slug. It may not be the best for accuracy, that depends on the individual firearm though. :cool: :cool:

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