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Comparing SBEII to M-2 field gun


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I am very familar with the R-1 rifle as I already own one and am very pleased with it. I am getting ready to by an automatic shotgun and have been wondering what the main difference is between the SBEII and the M-2 field gun. I plan on using the shotgun for turkey hunting and also close quaters whitetail deer hunting. I see that both guns offer slug barrels as well as the comp choke tubes.


I see the benelli web site shows both guns but not much on details or comparisons. Are they both drilled and taped for scopes.Do they both have the same action? Are the stocks different? Looking at the specifications I see a huge difference in price.


I've seen Tom Knapp on TV shooting an M-2 field gun so I take it that it is a high quality shotgun. Can anyone point out the main differences? Any feed back on advantages,features and beneifits of both shotguns?

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There are many posts here in this subject. Go back a bit by Search, and you should find other posts like this. One was just a few days ago.


They are two very different guns imho.


No. The standard SBE II comes d&t, the standard M2 does not. I see no mention of adding d&t to 2006 M2's, so I presume they will still not be d&t this year. All Benelli slug guns come d&t though.


Stocks are the same - they interchange.


Yes, same action.


SBE II shoots up to 3.5" shells, M2 up to 3".


Read the older posts, lots of info there...


mudhen - CA

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