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SBE 2 vs. M2 Field


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I am looking to buy either the SBE2 or the M2 but i am not sure which would be better...I hunt Deer,Turkey,Rabbit,Squirral,Ground Hog,Crow,phesants and i also shoot trap and clay pidgeons (same thing)... I am not sure which gun would be right for me...How do you guys like your Sbe2s and m2sif you could kinda give me your thoughts and reviews on both of them...That would be very Helpful!! and i would be very thankful and it would help me make my decison.. i hunt ducks and geese but not very often...Thank you!



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HI Benelliboy,


Unless you will be shooting 3.5 shells at geese, there is no reason to buy the SBE model. This is the only major difference, and the M2 will be lighter.


I've been bird hunting all my life, and not once wished for a 3.5 inch shell for geese!..........you can kill any duck or goose with Remington Heavy shot in 3 inch..................much better than steel.


I love my M2, and shoot better with it than the Beretta 391. Shot a 23 on 5 stand sportings, level 4, on my third round with the new gun..........and shoot consistent 22-23 on trap at the 21 yard handicapp...... about a bird better than the 391, and mostly psychological, no doubt!!!

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The SBE II is light and whippy. I do not care for it at all.

My advice.

Go with the M2.

It will cycle the light field.target loads without a hitch. If you ever go goose hunting simply load it with Hevi-Shot, or Kent Tungsten Matrix. The No-Tox lads out there today, have made the 12ga 3.5, and the 10ga obsoloete IMHO.

Besides blown doughtnut hole patterns are the norm with 3.5's, even with aftermarket tubes.

I have a blk synthetic M2, w/a 26" barrel. It has quickly become my favorite shotgun.

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