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Nova Budget/Supersport Tastes!


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To the Group -


As you can see, I am a newbie to the forum -- I'm happy to be here and I look forward to learning from all of you!


I am also a newbie to guns in general and shotguns in specific. I just moved to Minnesota and guns/hunting are big here. Since I'm in Rome, I've decided to "do as the Romans do." I'm not really sure I'll be doing any hunting but I recently visited my local gun club (with my instructor) and trap/skeet appeals to me.


I have been visiting gun shops and trying on entry-level shotguns "for size." Based on what I've learned (as well as other posts on this forum), I'm pretty sure I'll be purchasing a Nova in the near future. That brings me to my dilemma ...


The other day, I made the mistake of picking up/holding/pointing a Supersport. Bad move -- very bad move! The gun just "felt right." The balance, the weight, the way it felt in my hands ... LORDY it felt sweet. (and yeah, I'll admit that the "high-tech" look also was appealing!)


I realize that $1,400 is simply too much to pay for a first gun and I need to start slow and learn much (crawl before I walk) before stepping up to that level. That's why I am buying a pump first -- and probably a 20 ga at that.


That said, is there another shotgun in the Benelli line that has the same feel/balance as the Supersport but at a lower pricepoint? I know that the Nova represents a good value for a newbie but I'd pay more to get that supersport "feel" ... I just don't want to be stupid about it.


I welcome any and all replies!

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I shoot a fair amount of skeet and trap. If that is what you are going to get into, I would not buy a pump. Your best bet is to either find a good automatic, or a over/underl. Even look at the used market for some great deals. If you are a member of a club, someone always has guns for sale. My first skeet gun was a used Browning Superposed with a tube set, so I could shoot all gauges. I bought that all for less than 2000$. Still shoot it alot, with no problem. Hope that helps.

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I operate on a BB gun budget!!! hahaha I do however, have an SBEII and love it. It was a gift from my girlfriend who operates on a Ferrari budget!!! God, I love that girl!! And by the way, all the problems mentioned with ejection, light loads, etc....is not a problem with mine. I've shot every load imaginable through it with no gliches whatsoever. I am all for the classic look, I have the wood stock and foreend, black metal....(disclaimer) it's beautiful, almost as beautiful as her!! Good Luck with whatever you choose!

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