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Magazine extender for the M2


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Having found the web-page for the M2 tactical, it brings up a question.


The M2 tactical with ComfortTech stock only has a 3-round magazine (the standard and pistol-grip versions have 5-round magazines). OK, this is weird, but let's accept it as a fact. Anybody got an explanation for this?


But I can't find any magazine extensions for the M2 on the Benelli web site. Can I assume that the ones for the M1/SBE fit? And if yes, is there enough room on the M2 tactical with its short 18.5" barrel for the 4-round extension (making it 7+1 rounds), or is the 2-round extension the limit?

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hey treelogger,just picked up the 2005 Benelli catalog,,,,,pages 32 and 41and 52 offer a 4 shot mag extension for the M2,,,get an issue of the new catalog,,theres some really great stuff in there---------------))))))))))))M1014(((((((((((((


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If I understand the comments in the "stop the telestock" thread correctly, then adding a mag extension to the M2 which brings the capacity to over 5 is illegal (unless you do the tax stamp thing), for a gun that is not a sporting gun (and a M2 tactical is not a sporting gun, I think).


Is this analysis correct? If it is, there is no point buying mag extensions for the M2 tactical!

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Not quite 3+1. That is indeed true for the M2 Field. Also, it is true for the M2 tactical with the Comfortech stock. But the M2 tactical with the non-comforttech stocks (for example the pistol grip stocks) are 5+1. Looking at the picture on the website, it looks like it comes with the 2-round mag extension already on. So replacing the 2-round extension with the 4-round extension would make it 7+1, which would be quite nice - but maybe illegal. It isn't even clear to me whether the 5+1 configuration is legal, as "5 or higher" is what makes an import non-sporting shotgun fall under the silly rules.


And as M1014 said: Those rules seem to be so insance that it following them would be a sure sign of paranoia.

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