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Options to mount flashlight and forgrip to M4?


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So I've ordered my light and grip, but my recent conversation with Mesa about the FCAM didn't really fill me with confidence, so I'm starting to consider altermate means for attaching a surefire and tangodown vertical grip.


I'm aware of SideArmor (with mixed reviews), and the fabled (but unavailable) FCAM, what other options are there?


Does it strike anyone else as odd that there is such a dirth of attachment options for a combat shotgun like the M4? WTF?!


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Oh I know.


The only other option is the B&T rail.


Someone seriously needs to step up to the plate and create a good, quality rail that actually makes it to market.


How can there not be demand enough? Between civilians who have already shelled out ~1500 for a shotgun to military guys who work with their weapons daily ...

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Yeah, really.


I've been waiting for the FCAM system to come out since before I bought my M4. I'm pretty sorely dissapointed by the fact that it might not be coming out at all. I was wondering why there hadn't been any news on it.


Very dissapointing, if true. It'd be nice to get some official word on it. Kinda curious why it'd be kicked to the curb.

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The guy I talked to said it had kinda fallen by the wayside, due at least in part to the fact that they encountered innumerable engineering obsticals - then he went in to some details that were way over my head.


In a nutshell, apparently it is harder than we (or at least I) think, and they have begun to think it's more trouble than it's worth...


Any more info on that B&T rail?

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Hmm. I'll hold out for a while anyway, maybe we'll get some good news. I was putting off getting a shell holder in hopes that the FCAM would be out sometime soon. Not going to hurt me to wait a while longer, since Mesa is making some changes to their shell holders anyway, according to their site. Still doesn't solve the foregrip and light problem, though. Guess I'm SOL there, since I'm not liking all I've heard about the B&T rail.

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