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Help with New M1 12ga!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Bought a new Benelli M1 12 ga.


I am having a problem with it not firing.


I was shooting trap.


When I load it one at a time. The magazine is open I place a shell in and press the button. Zip it closes. I shot 100 rounds on 15 occasions the gun would not fire the firing pin would click but no bang. The primer would have no dimple at all. I could reload the gun with the shell and it would fire. I was shooting federal 1 1/8 game loads with a speed of 1255.


My dealer would not take it back but wanted me to send it in to Benelli.


Any suggestion on what might have been happening? This was the first hundred rounds through the gun.


Please help.


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One of two things probably going on.


1. As Mudhen suggested, broken firing pin.


2. Quite common, the bolt head was not rotated and locked in the barrel. The firing pin will not reach the round and you get the infamous benelli "click", the hammer strikes the bolt carrier but not the firing pin. ( its a safety thing). you can often see a dent start to form on the hammer if this happens frequently)


This nailed me several times on my first benelli hunting trip. I experianced this from manually closing the bolt by hand instead of using the button to close the action and a couple of birds got VERY lucky.

If you have ruled out the firing pin, the next time it happens look at the postion of the extractor on the bolt. If the extractor is centered in the action its not locked, if its above center the bolt head is rotated and locked.

Not sure what I mean. Take your benelli, and open the action, slowly close the action by hand, see where your extractor is lined up, now open it up again and let it slam shut. You will see that it has rotated up towards the top. That is the locked position.


If this is the case clean the chamber where the lugs engage with some quetips to make sure there is nothing preventing solid bolt lockup. It might be that you have some "mung" in your recoil spring assembly (even from the factory), dissassemble it and clean it VERY well, lightly oil the spring and reassemble" If the spring does not enough "ummf" to push the bolt with enough force it won't rotate and lock. Also. make sure the rails are clean and lightly oiled.

Shooting too light of loads can cause that also ( slow cycling). If thats the case, after you break it in, it will dissappear. To really break in a Benelli, you need to shoot some heavy loads to "work it in" I usually shoot a box of magnums mixed in with normal loads the first two times out to really smooth things up. My Supersport took about 500 rounds to really break it in well so that it would cycle anything (including 1 ouncers)....




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I read your post over on The Refuge Forums, and see that you did not disassemble and clean the bolt, before shooting the shotgun for the first time. You need to completely field strip the shotgun, including the bolt, and clean off all of the rust preventative "goo" that comes from the factory. This "goo" is not an acceptable substitute for lubricant. Oil will evaporates over a period of time (weeks). And since a gun may sit on the dealers' shelf for YEARS before it sells, the manufacturers must apply this type of rust preventative, to keep the gun from rusting. This is the same reason that new weapons provided to the military often have cosmoline on them. It is to prevent rust, not to lubricate the weapon. It must be removed, and the then the gun must be properly lubricated. I suspect all of your problems will disappear, once the shotgun is properly cleaned, and lubed.


The manual will tell you how to disassemble the bolt.


Good luck.

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