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SBE Sights

Chief 79

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I have a SBE camo with beaded sights. Can anyone recommend glo-sights (fiber optic) to replace the stanrd beads? Also, does the bead srew out from the vent. rib?


I did search on this topic and found a link to

Marble’s Extra-Lum “Expert” shotgun beads

which shows a threaded base. How hard & what tool is best to remove the standard steel bead from my SBE.


I'm mostly using the gun for wing shooting (crow, dove, turkey) and hope to do some skeet shooting. Any other recommendations?




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Thank you both for the replies. It has been a few weeks since my last outing but I found time this past weekend. I examined the existing sights and realized my front sight already is a orange fiber optic, though small in length, <.25 i also have a mid-rib bead which is very tiny. to tell you the truth never noticed what on my gun. in some cases heard that it good as really should shoot with periferal vision eyes open- rather than moving target. figure out want do. think may go easyhit spot and remove mid-bead all together. see can do mid one don would be able use any type of tool attempt it. definately gunsmithing person replacing>


Again, thanks for your time and input!


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