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Benelli shopping tip -pic


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for those of us who like mag extensions,,and don;t want to pay those scalper prices on the web,,heres a tip,,that worked for me,,,take some time and Ask questions about Benelli and H&K products at your local gun stores ,in other counties too,,be persistant but not rude,,you'll be suprised what they can dig up for a decent price,,,,,,these two beuties will be going on my future Benellis ;) 332165.jpg

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Nice find M1014. And your absolutely right. I happen to wok at a shop/range and if the customer is courteous his options tend to change. For example theres a very nice fella that frequents are range. He is a nice guy and has the whole family (from his 12 year old daughter to his wife) that come and shoot weekly. He and I were shooting the sh*t the other day and he wanted some 40 round mags for his MP5. They exist but good all metal ones are hard to find. (at a decent price) At the range we've got a bag you could fit a man into filled with every type of magazine you could imagine. None of it is for sale just stuff we've accumulated over the years. Well I go into the vault and bring out the "bag" I'm able to find 3 40 rd. high quality mags. and there also is a c- mag for an mp5 in there (I'm well aware of the beta). I talk to the owner and not only do I sell this nice guy the 3 mags for a very cheap price, the owner lets us take the c-mag out on the range. (We have LE train at our range and are able to get those betas, and we're class III) It was absolutely ridiculous. We had this tiny mp5 on full auto spitting out 100 rds. non-stop. Fun time. (After apologizing to the shooter on the lane next to us I gave him a box of ammo )The guy wanted to buy the c-mag but I told him that was a no no. I'm suprised the owner let us even take out the c-mag. Anyways back to your post your absolutely correct. You'd be suprised at what a little courtesy and frequent visits can get an individual.

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