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20 gauge M2 or Montefeltro????

National Razor

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M2 has the crio tubes and barrel.

M2 has the shorter foreamr with the recoil assembly in the stock like the SBEII.


Montefeltro has the longer forearm with the recoil spring under the forearm.


To be honest, I'd buy the Legacy.

It's made the most like the SBEII and would be the easiest to maintain and clean.

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I have a couple SBE's a 1 and 2. I like the legacy, but I will be going up and down snow covered mountains. I do not want to destroy a gun like the legacy. I am held up on the choke tubes. I like the longer tubes, which the montefeltro does not have. I can not find a M2 around here, every one has pleanty of montefeltros but no M2. I am thinking of buying the montefeltro because of this.

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the montefeltro does NOT have the spring on the forarm


also they 12ga version is 7lbs and isn't htere an ultra light version at 6lbs for the 12ga


and I thinkt he 20 ga is 5lbs??



and I got my monte for a few $ off cus nobody was buying them since the sbe2 was next to it


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