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Standard PG M4 Availabilty??


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Standard model M4 will come with IC, M, F chokes; M1014 does not - it is the military barrel in modified without screw in chokes. The military barrel is thicker and meant for the variety of ammo used in military / tactical situations and the thicker barrel will likely hold up better to large number of rounds per session without over-heating. No time there to be messing with chokes for the most part in this scenario - just feed and shoot...

Interesting that the M1014 is almost 6" longer than the M4 despite the same barrel length in the non-collapsible stock version (from website specs). Could the M4 stock be that much shorter? Wonder what that will do to the balance and feel of the gun? Could really make it fore-end heavy. Wonder if the website specs are wrong - the pictures show guns of same length?

Stay safe,



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I noticed that the other day...I think those printed Specs must be wrong...I compared a collapsible Stock with a Civi model....& the only diff is the shorter stock when slid all the way up..Isn't the only diff between the "STANDARD" model M4 is the stamped

Limited Edition 'FLAG" & of course the Screw in Chokes?????..I was hoping the price would go dn a bit on the Standard M4...Probably not tho...:-(

Stay Safer!

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The 1014 doesn't have removeable chokes at all..Or least ways the one I was playing with had just the Cyl bore choked barrel...& your correct..it does look thicker @ the end..& the M3 I looked @...appeared the same way..without removable chokes...however..I found you can order a 26" barrel {M3}...That has at least 3 removable chokes with it..for $256.00.I wonder if such a barrel is available for the 1014 or M4??


Stay safer!

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