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[B]Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie[/B]


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I think that Gracie's age was probably a factor. I saw an old one....Gracie(27 yrs old) vs. some old Karate guy.....the guy was 51 years old.......come on now....did anyone expect that to be a fight?????


And the same with Gracie....but also, Matt is tremendously strong, and I don't think Gracie has met anyone like him.....who can use not only his strength...but technique too.


I think two great fights would be Hughes vs. B.J. Penn (who beat Hughes for the title and left) they have never fought since. And Hughes vs. George St. Pierre.




1.) Hughes vs. B.J. Penn


2.) Hughes vs. George St. Pierre


But I don't think I will ever pay for a fight. $40 bucks....whew.....that's like a 1/4 tank of gas in my little car.


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Originally posted by usmarine:

Why is that sick? They train hard, work hard, and fight hard, they deserve to get paid. What's the difference between them and football or basketball players????


There still not making $40 million for 5 yrs.


It takes awhile to get to the top. And when you do, you should get paid.


No one wants to pay a guy who loses 20 fights in a row and doesn't win. Would you?

Whoa Whoa Whoa, I was meaning it made me sick how underpaid they are. They deserve to make much more than they do
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Exactly, thats why I am a fan. Every year MMA is going to get bigger and bigger, which is fine b/c i believe these athletes deserve to be well known. I just hope it doesn't turn into a money circus like every other professional sport. I kinda miss the days when it was considered still "underground" and not as popular. But yes The fighters, especially the less known under card guys deserve to make more per fight. Last UFC some guys only took home 2 grand for their fight. Thats's ridiculous IMO. OH well, have a good memorial day


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