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M4 LE 11707 - Help changing stock to collapsible


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Leaving all legal questions aside for the moment, how does the M4 LE 11707 pistol grip stock remove? Based on the schematic on p.18 in spare parts manual, I've removed the recoil pad & stock retaining nut (which was super tight on every turn). Next in line is the stock retaining piece, which appears to be threaded itself. The question is do I just rotate the whole stock while someone else holds the receiver (with unloaded gun, of course)? I've put a good bit of torque on it already & it doesn't budge.

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Everyone thinks they have to remove the recoil pad and that suspicious looking nut their first time handling the gun ... So don't feel bad.


Luckily, it's a lot easier.


The pistol grip should screw right on, then for the buttstock piece, tilt it to the left and hold the button in up to the third line. It should then tilt over to the right, and will move up and down from there to the 3 possible positions.

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Originally posted by ishmael:

Boy, I was about to do the same thing!

Well, now having read this post, I have successfully swapped out my pistol grip stock and have installed the collapsible one in its place. This thing now looks the shiznitz! All I gotta do now is get it out to the range...

Thanks again for your help and advice!

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