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The Stoeger was an unexpected purchase.

It's always nice to keep cash on hand. You never know when you'll meet someone who wants to sell something for much less than it's worth.


I'm still on the fence between Alcione and Citori for my 20 ga. O/U selection.

I have shouldered the Citori. It's going to be a tough one to beat.

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Sold the Stoeger.

Got word that an unexpected $1,400 is headed my way next week, and job 2 has been a real bonanza lately (I do IT contract work for SOHO's on the side).

This means I spent a heap of time researching O/U,s the last couple of days and I've decided to give the Veloce a go.

I'd completely overlooked that one before, but for the $$$, it seems to be hard to beat.

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The Veloce? Really? I guess I just figured you for a 12ga guy.


So what are you going to get? The 20ga, or 28ga? Or maybe the 20/28 barrel set?


Nice gun, no doubt. I'm looking forward to someone buying a new gun! Because I can't yet! WHOO HOO!




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