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Choosing the ammo..


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if you shoot a rifled slug through a rifled barrel it can indeed damage the riflings inside the barrel, on the basic's of rifled slugs such as my personal choice *the Brenneke KO* have a preset spin rate set by the angle of the "fins" if you will on the sides of the slug, if the spin rate isn't the same as the twist rate as your rifled barrel then it could damage spots in the riflings where the slug spins over them it all breaks down into knowing the twist ratio of the barrel and of the slug and which direction either is going, ..simple rule of thumb is to just use common slugs for your rifled barrel and let the barrel do the spinning and for smooth bores use either, but if you truely want good accuracy use rifled slugs



hope i could help






Lupinus Nobilitas


volcano vaporizer digital

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