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Fair price for SBE


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I say no, but only because of what you don't get.


NIB SBE I's are running $1000 at full price at most dealers. I've seen blacks for $899 and camos for $949. So the $800 is just ok. The private market price on that gun is closer to $650.


If bought NIB from a Benelli dealer, you get the 5 year Benelli factory warranty.


You don't know what went on with that gun for the last 3 years.


The SureCycle is a good indicator that the gun did not work well for this guy. No Benelli needs a SureCycle, a Benelli just needs an owner that knows how to shoot and/or maintain the gun.


I think you may be buying a problem gun with no warranty.


mudhen - CA

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Your profile says you live in the Northwest. If that means Oregon or Wash. you should check at Sportsmans Warehouse. I bought a brand new SBE 1, 26 incher for $979.00 about three weeks ago. I know the Sportsmans in Bend Ore. had FOUR SBE 1's with 28 inch barrels, new in sealed boxes for $999.00 each. When I bought my gun the Fishermans supply in Portland had a new SBE 1 26 inch for $979.00.


If you live in Ore. or Wash. I would check at one of the Sportsmans Warehouses or Fishermans Supply. Also, Keith's Sportingoods in Portland had a bunch of new SBE 1's a short while back.


If you don't have the bucks for a new gun, that camo one won't be a bad deal because I think Benelli will cover you on warranty even if you did not buy the gun new. Most gun companies will cover their products way beyond any stated warranty, as long as the needed repair is from a reasonable situation.


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