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Still not firing


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Ok I have read the owners manual and followed it. I am using premium shells with 1 3/8 oz of shot. I was out goose hunting and twice had the second shot go click.


Now my buddies say to give it a ton of rem oil to the point it is dripping. They have been shooting theirs for a long time with no issues. They don't use the reccomended benneli oil. Any thoughts on this?

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Don't spray that much oil in the action of the gun,your just asking for problems, especially with Rem oil because it gets sticky when it gets cold. I think your friends are lucky that they haven't had any problems. I use the supplied Benelli oil on the inside of the gun and have had no problems. Breakfree CLP or Hoppes Elite are also good choices, I use Breakfree on my AR15 and have never had a problem with functioning,even in extreme cold. Also you never stated what model gun you had or what type of ammo your using. If your gun is a SBE you might want to try to talk to Tucker301, he knows quite a bit about the SBE and how to fix functioning problems.

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I know this sounds obvious but I have been through this with my M2, cleaning, polishing, oiling, smoothing edges finally sending back to Benelli. All to no avail - it was the cartridges it didn't like. A UK brand called "Gamebore".

Changed 'em, fixed it, 'nuff said. :D



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