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  1. A comment made by one of the member here prompt this thought. An old game keeper friend of mine - if ever a poacher turned gamekeeper it's him - said in his youth they used to pour molten wax into 12g cartridges to keep the pellets in a solid mass. This was then used to shoot deer and very effectively. Now I am not suggesting Bambi or his mates get a 12g church candle injection, however this could be a useful way of sighting a shotgun. Has anyone ever tried it ?? photopro
  2. Needless to say we in the UK got this terrible incident chapter and verse as I'm sure the rest of the world did. Anyone I spoke to regarding this said how they felt sympathy for the family and friends of the innocent victims. You may be mourning in the US but again the UK stands with you. As to the way the students should have reacted - we cannot imagine how they must have felt, most of them with no firearms experience and totally petrified. With the luxury of 20:20 hind sight we can speculated how we would have dealt with it, rushing him when he was reloading etc. However you really can't
  3. Congrats Sonyman, so apart from yourself and Nelli Girl who else forms the Mods & Admin team? photopro
  4. Nice to see the forum is working with MP's swift response, I could feel the frustration in your post FT. photopro P.S. What is the testicle/dollar exchange rate running at these days ??
  5. Tucker, do you have a shooting restriction on Canada's in the states? If so we are the reverse here, we've got squadrons of them. They have recently added them to the "Pest Species" list which allows unretricted shooting if they are causing a problem. They aren't the best tasting bird though I must admit. photopro
  6. It always amazes me the number of firearm pictures taken on the owner's bed ! It must be a bit Freudian. Anyway I thought your M2 picture showed potential Magikbullet so I tweaked it for you in the favourite colours of you Yanks - red, white & blue !! - I hope you like it. photopro
  7. There you go - it appears the reason is to make a $300 per gun saving !! photopro
  8. I thought Yoda Tucker would have replied to this, I changed the pitiful bead on my M2 for a Fore & Aft Turkey sight by Truglo approx $22. photopro
  9. I can't remember the stock number but it was called a "Gobble dot" it has a front in red and rear sight in green, something I have never had on a shotgun before. It is very bright though and only cost about $22. The adhesive pad is a very soft black material which sticks like waste product to a blanket. photopro
  10. Is that hand on the hip often referred to as "Concentration Camp" ? !! photopro
  11. The front sight on a Benelli is a bit of a joke, I replaced mine with a Turkey sight from TruGlo, they have three (maybe four) different methods of fixing depending on the sight you have purchased. Mine went on very easily and it fixed using a soft adhesive pad. You would probably destroy the sight if you tried to remove it, so it is firmly stuck !! The Benelli sight unscrews very simply on a conventional thread. photopro
  12. I liked that Tucker, I thought you lot were supposed to have no decernable sense of humour !! photopro
  13. The general consensus was that it is real; although I do have sympathy for the guy in question, it is funny. photopro
  14. http://s56.photobucket.com/albums/g191/photojw/?action=view&current=the_interview1.flv I hope it also appeals to a US sense of humour !! photopro
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