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Chokes for Break-In


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I have purchased several boxes of Winchester Supreme 3.5 inch #6 Turkey loads. I have not purchased any aftermarket chokes. I am going to break-in my new LH SBEII 26-inch this weekend and will use these rounds. Is there any problem with using the Benelli's full choke with these rounds. I found that the shot is a copper-coated lead. Benelli's literature states the choke is not approved for steel. I was wondering about the copper-coated lead shot..

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I did not receive a response. I did some break-in with the Turkeys loads with full choke. I did not seem to have any problems. One item I did find was... the supposed recoil system does not work on these type of loads. I had my new SBEII and my buddy had his new Super X2. We shot the same loads through both guns and experienced the same recoil on our black & blue shoulders...

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