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M1014 users owners in California


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I am consideriing buying the M1014. I wanted the colapsible stock but i am learning its not legal to own in my state of California. I saw a few other posters mention this but no replys from other Calif owners.


Is it my understanding i can own the collapsible stock but i cant install it ?


is there a way around this ie. can i get the m1014 with out a pistol grip enabling the use of the collaspible stock?


I dont currently own a shotgun, nor have i, but its time to add one to my gun collection.


Any comments reguarding this model and Calif gun law.


Thx all




[ 08-29-2004, 12:59 AM: Message edited by: AndyinSoCAL ]

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Our only chance to legally get around these laws in the Socialist Republic of California is to VOTE and influence others to do so ..............The Calif ban is mostly based on firearm cosmetics..........Next they will ban ugly dogs and who knows what after that.......Good Luck Andy.................Upland

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I don't live in Cal,but I heard and read that its a very strict state for firearms and cars,According to the web ,no skeleton stocks of any kind no matter what law dies.I would not move there for nothing.Where is Arnie when you need him???????????????? :cool: M1014**** 068553.jpg

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Can i actually buy the skeletonized colaspible stock online and ship it to CA?


Granted i cant install it but its for my collection and at least if i sold the weapon i have the stock to include it in the sale.


Or if i get elected President i can wipe my A** with all this crappy Assault rifle banning laws.



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I will be first to burst your bubble and I appologize in advance.


The Skeleton Stock sold in the US market is clipped & pinned and DOES NOT collapse. :mad: Only the military, LEOs & other M4 owners from certain countries get to enjoy the collapsing stock.


Some forum members from Norway, Indonesia & the Philippines (I believe) showed off their collapising stocks and I nearly had a mental breakdown :D after thining to myself... I got a skeletonized stock that doesn't collapse...WHAT A FREAKIN' WASTE!!! :mad:


Ok.... I feel a bit better now.... tongue.gif


BTW PMed you too.


Best! smile.gif


[ 08-30-2004, 10:53 PM: Message edited by: M10144me ]

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