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Carrier Bolt release button cure--pics


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had one,,cost way to much,,,it broke,,where the screw goes into the drilled and tapped stud,,,the stud broke loose from the base and began to spin around in any direction,,no abuse ,no nothing just broke loose,,hopefully they"ve rectified this,,,like the other aftermarket big pads,,there okay ,,butttt to big,,the setup I have now is just right,,it follows more along the factory engineering,,,like the Practical model of 98-99 :cool:

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yes ,,its an oversize mag release button from a 1911,,I like the extra seration it provides over the Practical model,,,bought the button at a gunshow,,$10 ,,contacted my gunsmith and he and I together found the correct drill and tap size,,,test drilled and tapped some spare steel first then moved on to the real thing,,removed the carrier plate from the weapon,,vised it up and go ;)

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that"s who it was GG&G ,,I bought some of the very first ones back about 4 yrs ago,,then i bought the bar for alot less and its still on my M1 Super 90,,,,post your results when your done nodark,,you won"t be dissapointed---best to ya from M1014 :cool:


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