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I just purchased a new 26" Benelli M2 in Advantage Timber and so far, love the gun - recoil not as bad as I thought it would be. When I went on the Benelli homepage to read up on my new gun, i saw where they have posted an offer for a free stock incentive for new SBE II and M2 Field purchases. I contacted my dealer who in turn contacted Benelli and they would not honor the offer - they say it doesn't begin until July 15. It doesn't say that any where on the web site. My first (and hopefully, only) interaction with Benelli Customer Service leaves me with a sour taste... :(

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Your interaction was with a dealer, not with CS, unless I'm misreading something.


Did you call Customer Service yourself?

Are you sure the dealer told you what they told him?


What's the complaint?

You bought the gun, so you must have been satisfied with the deal you got.


Now, you see info. on a promotion that has not yet begun, and you're sore because you didn't get in on it.


If you had visited the site beforehand, and asked your dealer about the promo (as stated on the site), then you would have made a more informed decision.


I'm failing to see how this Benelli's fault.

Were they supposed to read your mind and notify you that since you were thinking of buying a new shotgun that you should wait for the promotion?


The dealer could have and maybe should have known about the upcoming promotion, and notified you. But that would have meant turning away a sale that may or may not come back on July 15th.

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Sorry Mudhen, but it probably won't be my last. I think the forum is a great tool - whether the news is always good or not.

I wasn't aware of the promotion before the purchase and only saw it when I went to the site to check on another choke. Second call to Benelli CS resolved a lot for me. The program giving a stock to new purchasers BEGAN June 1 and apparently the dealer didn't know it but upon a second call to them, they also were very helpful and agreed to provide the stock. The program ends July 15. As I said in the first post, I love the gun. I'll admit being too quick on the trigger with the criticism of Benelli CS but I can say they turned it around pretty quickly.

Like I said, I really like the gun and I look forward to continuing reading and occasionally giving my 2 cents worth on this site.

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Good enough!


Glad that your dealer realized it was his error, not Benelli CS, as this was clearly not a Benelli CS issue but a dealer issue.


My dealer tells me that the program is being lightly promoted (he got a generic e-mail notice) in order to allow Benelli to clear out some excess inventory of the Steady Grip stocks. He suspects Benelli is going to disco the current Steady Grips and either drop the option or replace it with a Comfortech Steady Grip system.


I know many like the Steady Grip, but in the best selling Benelli states, they tend to be very slow sellers.


Good luck with your Benelli purchase smile.gif


mudhen - CA

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I'd buy a CT SG extra stock for my SBE II in a heartbeat if it was reasonably priced. They feel great and should work well for turkey & deer.


But I wont' spend a ton of $$$ as the SG stock has not other use for me during the other seasons.


mudhen - CA

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Guest GunCrazyD

dealer are responsible for ordering guns to to get the SG stock....they have to order a certian # - it is not for every gun that a free stock is sent...the dealer is responsible for finding out the info...all of Benelli's dealers were notified of the promontion..it started June 1st and runs through July 15th with shipments (i've heard) ongoing and through after the promontion..not all dealers wish to participate....

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