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Loading Problems.


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I hope that someone can help me out with this annoyance. I haven't heard of anyone having this problem with there SBE.


What happens is that after shooting all three rounds (wich has never failed me) I have to close the action without dropping a shell in. then load the mag and pull the action back and drop one in. If I drop one in hit the release and then try to load the mag it will not go into the tube. The shell goes in at too steep of a pitch and gets wedged about half way in. Almost like the bottom of the ramp (right terminology??) is at the wrong angle.


I bought the gun in November and it started doing this in December. Any thoughts???

Other than this annoyance the gun has treated me well.

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I haven't had the gun out shooting, since the seasons have now closed :( But I simulated it. I closed the bolt but didn't let it rotate all the way and tried to load a shell. It did exactly the same thing that I was having problems with. I just gotta make sure I don't ease the bolt forward as that was what I was doing and that was hindering the full rotation of the head.

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