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  1. sdkidaho you are right. Truth is I would be happy if I could get them to do at least a 1/4 what they claim, that would be 4.5 miles. Oh well I won't beat a dead horse any longer.
  2. Wingbone thanks for the response. I know I am using the higher power GMRS channels. What kind of range do you get with your Motorola radios?
  3. I know this post has nothing to do with Benelli shotguns, but I figured a lot of you guys who hunt may have some experience with two way radios. I just bought the Midland model GXT 650 they claim up to 18 miles under optimum conditions. These things don't even come close to that. Around the neighborhood they got 1 to 2 miles at best. They don't seem a whole lot better in the woods either. Just wondering what other peoples experiences are with GMRS radios.
  4. I thought SBE2 used fly by wire feather seeking shot-shells. Isn't that the main advantage over the SBE1? Hey was I misinformed? I better do a little research of my own and get to the bottom of this.
  5. My SBE 2 will take anything I put in it with no problem.
  6. If you can afford almost $3.00 every time you pull the trigger I like #6 Hevi-Shot on decoying ducks 2s or 4s for pass-overs. For geese go with Tuckers recommendation. As far as aftermarket tubes I would say put that money into more ammo. With one of the five factory tubes you should be able to come up with a deadly combination.
  7. I agree with you about arming the pilots, but there are two more simple things that could have been implemented with technology we had way before 9/11. First cockpit doors that can't be broken down by ramming food carts into them. Second what about some kind of alarm button that only the flight crew would know about that would put the plane into auto pilot that could not be over ridden no matter what. The plane would fly itself to the closest airport that it could land at. Think of it like the button banks have behind the counter. If we made it impossible for terrorist to hijack planes into buildings then they probably wouldn't try. Then we could go back to only having to be at the airport an hour before we take off. [ 09-12-2006, 08:05 PM: Message edited by: BLACK JACK ]
  8. Looks like even Benelli can't get a gas operated shotgun right. Yep I will stick to my never let me down SBE2 Inertia operated shotgun.
  9. I clean my Benelli about once a year and in that year a lot of shells get put through it between clays, ducks, dove, and sometimes a little quail hunting. I do occasionally spray a little rem oil on the surface and wipe it down. It sounds like you cleaned it with some kind of solvent and forgot to re-oil it. Oh and by the way what firearm company covers rust? [ 08-26-2006, 10:01 AM: Message edited by: BLACK JACK ]
  10. FYI some know it all pricks will probably try to give you s h i t about asking if you can put more than one in the chamber. Even though they know what you meant.
  11. You can remove the plug from the M-2 this will give you 3 in the mag and one in the chamber. To remove unscrew mag cap, there is a metal retaining clip use caution the mag follower spring will want to come out. Remove plug and reverse steps.
  12. Well here is my two cents I agree with Tucker. If you are going to buy a pump go with a 870. To me it is the Benelli autos that are worth the extra $$$ because you can feed just about any ammo threw them and not have a problem. For the most part a pump is going to work if you can rack the action.
  13. Since you could not pick up on the sarcasm of my post, I have to ask you the same question. Kicked in the head by a mule or struck by lightning?
  14. Found this on the USGS website I thought it was pretty useful. Waterfowl Guide
  15. I like Pure Gold. Pure Gold
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