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Left handed Montefeltro

Morgan Johnson

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when it says NIB that means new in box...i got my SBE 2 off gunbroker 2 weeks ago, very smooth transaction...but I bought mine from someone who had 740 feedbacks with an A+ average...If I was you I wouldnt be afraid to buy from anyone on there with 10 or more feedbacks...if they try to bend you over gunbroker has one of thier credit cards on file and will take money off that and give to you. I got a SBE2 for 1220 shipped to my house....that is unheard of from a store.


Good Luck

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Gunbroker.com, AuctionArms.com, and GunsAmerica.com all offer similar services.

As savage pointed out, you have to do your homework and know what you're doing.


I have purchased two and sold one weapon on these sites without any problems whatsoever.

Know what your costs are going to be up-front.

You'll need a FFL dealer in your state to receive the gun and register it to you.

This means you will pay a fee for this service as well as shipping charges.

Luckily, I have a guy who deos mine for $25. I'm VERY lucky to have him. Some can charge 3 times that much, especially in California.


All of the sites have links to put you in touch with transfer dealers. Many list their fees on the site.

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I can attest to the high FFL fee in California. I bought this exact same gun (lh monte, 28b, walnut) last sept through gunsamerica.com from Bullseye Ranges, Inc and paid $740 plus shipping plus the $75 ffl. The gun was nib and their customer service was timely and friendly. Local dealer wanted over $1k and couldn't commit to a delivery date.

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