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Supersport and Sport 2


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I purchased a Super Sport and Sport model in a 30 inch barrel and would like to purchase a separate 28 inch barrel for field shooting. Does anyone know; do these 2 model shotguns accept the same barrel?

I've tried to research this on the Benelli web site but I'm seeing my answer there?

Thanks, Aksteelman

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Let me try this again;

I have both the Super Sport and a Sport 2- 12 gage shotguns. Both have 30 inch barrels.


My question is; I'd like to purchase a 28 inch barrel for the Super Sport and was wondering if anyone knew if I did purchase this barrel will it also fit on the Sport 2 gun?

With that said, if you know the answer, and knew what part # for this this barrel, I'd like that info also.


I'm new to the Benelli line of shotguns, so pardon me if this is a simple question to answer?



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I'm trying to be a kinder, gentler, more compassionate forum member... I slipped.



You have everything you need to answer the question yourself. :confused:


Simply remove the barrels from each of your shotguns and see if they will swap.

The barrel length has no bearing on whether one model's barrel will fit the other.

If they interchange, THEN you can move on towards looking for a 28" barrel for either gun.


[ 10-14-2006, 11:53 AM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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Thanks, I'll try to switch them out.

But how about this;

a friend-co worker has a Benelli SBE 2, with a 28 inch smooth bore barrel. I bought him a slug barrel for the same SBE 2, and the forearm piece no longer worked so we had to track down the right forearm when he switched to slug barrel shooting.


I would have assumed that these were interchangeable too, without any other parts being needed, but that was not the case.


Thanks for the help.



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I just bought a monte barrel for my SS and it fits perfectly. Although to be honest, I haven't shot it yet !!!! If you look at the Benelli catalog the monte, legacy, SS, raff, centro, barrels are listed together. They all have the small forearm ring. I can sympathize with you on that 30 inch barrel, its waay to long for most hunting. I went and got a 24 inch barrel and use an extended choke on my SS.

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different subject.


The SBE /SBE II slug barrel requires the use of a modified forearm.


The slug forearm works with the regular barrel though!


There are no comments from Benelli in their catalog and/or website that indicate the need for any specific equipment when changing barrel lengths.


mudhen - CA

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