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stupid question - slug gun world records

Ohio Whitetail Hunter

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OK...no laughing please....but I love hunting with a slug gun....ads a little sport to the adventure. I have taken several pigs, one mule deer, and a few (grin) whitetail with a slug gun.


But am thinking about moving up to larger challenges. so my question is this.... "Are there any records kept about record kills with a slug gun?"


If so...where?


I am getting ready to book my next to Alaska and am considering go after a bear using the slug gun instead of using my rifle. That should ad a bit of excitement to the whole trip.... :)

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Have you seen the new hornady sst 12 gauge sabots? I have been using lightfields for years now but this new kid on the block will get tested before the season starts. hope they deliver on their claims.


Originally posted by Butch-M:

I may be wrong, but I think some guides used to use shotguns as defense weapons for bear hunting. Pretty potent in close ... BIG projectile. Some of the new sabot slugs have formidable ballistics even at reasonable distances.

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