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Rhino 1.5x.660 choke tube


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RHINO12 670-BEXBE2 -- In Stock

RHINO12 660-BEXBE2 -- Out Of Stock

RHINO12 660-REM -- In Stock

RHINO12 670-WIN/BR -- In Stock

RHINO12 673-BERBEN -- In Stock

RHINO12 695-MOS835 -- In Stock


I would never buy a Rhino from a retailer. Too many horror stories of used (returned) tubes going back into retailer stock.


Call Rhino and order from them directly.....


mudhen - CA

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Sorry for the missinformation. Wing Supply was the only retailer who had them in stock during the turkey season. I thought for sure they would have them after the turkey season. Stick with Mudhen, he's bought one, he would know better than I (obviously).

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.660 Rhino, ordered and on the way! Odered two boxes of Winchester 3-1/2" ExRange #6's at my local shop too. A pile of old blueprints & three ammo cans full of assorted 3" & 2-3/4" lead & steel ammo from #7-1/2 up to BB for this weekend's testing with crio chokes. When I was making the rounds of the local gun shops looking for Hevi-shot & Extended Range ...discovered a new Remingtom Ultra Corelok 385gr slug with good looking ballistics too. Hope I have time to try all this stuff.

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You want I should send the gun too Tucker??? I wound up working my butt off sunrise to sunset on the hunting lodge for 4 days and the only shooting I did was a few Winchester AA's just to see if they'd cycle. Flawless! This SBEII has cycled AA's and reduced recoil Lightfield slugs ... so the low end of anything I can imagine ever wanting to shoot through it works fine. It felt surprisingly nice coming up to shoulder too. Light, quick, agile ... belying the black ominous look of the gun at rest. Autoloaders usually feel weightier ... as if you're compromising some degree of smooth & sleek for firepower. I had a shocking nanosecond of pause during my test ... that this SBEII Slug gun -3-1/2" digesting Turkey/Waterfowl cannon; could rival or replace my beloved Beretta O/U in the field. What a dilemma.



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