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SBE 2 Incomplete Bolt Rotation Failure to Fire


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While hunting recently, I have experienced 4 or 5 failure to fire situations with my SBE2 that were caused by a failure of the bolt face to fully rotate into the locked position for firing.

The bolt face just barely fails to engage the lock recess in the receiver.


I gave the area of the receiver that receives the face of the bolt a good cleaning and I also disassembled and cleaned the bolt assembly, but the situation occurred again yesterday.


I know that generally this situation is caused by a lack of force when the action is closed, and I have paid attention to be certain that the closing of the action is as dramatic as ever - and it has been. The gun has had heavy use in the three years that I have owned it, and I was wondering if the main spring in the stock that drives the action may be getting weak. I checked the condition of this spring, and it was clean and appeared in excellent operating condition.


Does anyone have any experience with this problem ?

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Three years is ample break-in, that's for sure.


Is it failing on the first shot or subsequent shots?


As you probably know, the lsightest bump on the buttpad will cause the action to open just enough to be a problem, so be careful when sitting it down in the blind or on the line.

This can cause the failure of the first round.


Three years of heavy use.

It may be a good idea to replace the recoil spring.

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Thanks for the reply Tucker. It's always the first shot, and, if I have the presence of mind to remember to check it, I can push the end of the shell extractor and move the bolt into position when I reload.


Unfortunately, during the excitement of hunting I forget to check, and there goes the bird with a click instead of a bang.


I'm going to polish up the ears on the bolt and emery cloth the extractor groove in the receiver. If that doesn't fix it, I'll try the new spring.


Thanks again for the reply, and thanks for the hundreds of replies that you've posted that provided insight and more than a few laughs ( at other people's expense ) over the past couple of years.

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Guy - you are on the right track for sure - polish up everything a bit and look for crud that might be impacted in the lock up area.


New Wolff springs are SOP for all my Benellis after 2-3 years of hard shooting and/or excessive water dunking.


I polish the recoil tube with a drill rig I made when I replace the spring.


mudhen - CA

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Polishing the recoil tube. Sounds like a good idea. I only have this problem on second or third shots. I did replace Magazine spring, Hammer spring and recoil spring with wolff springs but still have the same problem. I will polish the areas and see if that helps.


My other question is; if the added force from the new recoil spring is causeing the bolt to "bounce" back out from the fireing position. Any thoughts?


I put the factory spring back in to test this theory but have not had a chance to get out and test it. :(

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