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Crow Hammer


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What choke and shotgun shells were you using? And how close/far were your shots?


I've only dropped a few crows that happened by when I was duck hunting. And ... I got into a group once at about 200 yards out in a field when I was moving through the woods for another woodchuck setup with my 22-250. Dropped one and the rest went insane ... after a couple more met their maker; they gave up their allegiance to the fallen comrades and took off. When I was a kid I chased those critters all over three mountains in the Catskills each weekend trying to shotgun one of them ... with zero success. I now use the owl decoy to keep birds out of the garden and the crow decoys are used as confidence decoys on my duck boat. :D Here's a link I picked up years ago ... www.crowbusters.com.


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I was using the full choke that came with the gun. Just used 2 3/4 assorted shells i never get fancey when i go for crows the shots were 40 to 45 yards crows are easy to kill. I dont own a owl decoy, but i have hunted with guys that do they seem to work when used with the crow and owl fight tape. I have the best luck with fighting crows and crow distress i also use a moth call. It is best to keep switching between all of them.


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