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M3 upgrades


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Hello All;


I'm just curious if it is possible to use the M4 stock on a M3 shotgun? Also I've been thinking about putting a side saddle on my M3, however I am hearing that I should not since it can cause a problem with cycling. I'm also looking into some type of light system, I see that surefire makes a forearm for the M1, anyone know of a system for the M3? Anyone tried to have a optics rail mounted on a M3?. ****, I should just sell my M3 and get a M4!!!




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I'm guessing you're refering to the pistol grip stock.?

.. if so the M3 takes the M1 pistol grip stock- they're interchangeable.


As for the side saddle, it should work fine.


Benelli has a tactical light mounting system spec'd by Insight Technology Incorporated. It requires the instalation of the two-shot magazine extension I believe.. you may want to look into it a bit further to varify that. Otherwise you can do a search on the light system in the Benelli forum here and you'll find a whole bunch of light accessories that others have used and posted.


The M1 reciever (M3) will accept machining for an optics mount no problem.


...and if you choose ... member M1014 would surely recomend purchasing the M4 .. guess which he'd say is best??


hope this helps in the least..



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Thanks for the reply. I'm actually talking about changing our the M3 stock for a M4 stock. I currently have a FNH shotgun what uses a AR15 4 pos stock, and it works great. Which is why I would love to have a collapsible stock on my M3.


I'm really thinking about selling my M3 if I can find a LEO/Non-LEO M4.

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