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SBE II problems


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After reading a few of the posts, I am becoming disappointed with what I am hearing (and seeing) concerning QC at Benelli. What's going on at Benelli that keeps them from resolving these issues before the guns are shipped??? I was almost ready to take the plunge on a new SBE II, but now, WOOOO Nanny!

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having had my share of problems with things that are mass produced and doing a bunch of complaing about it every day (im an auto body repair man / mechanic) every day i curse some enginer or quality inspector or parts person. ive come to relize that when i do somthing stupid or wrong its only 1 or 2 problems. when a large company that pumps out tens of thousands of somthing when things go wrong or fail, it happens on that scale so no matter what you do there is 10 000 other people that are having the same problem if it takes me 1 hour to fix my screw up multyply that by 10,000 and thats how long its going to take a company with 100's of workers to fix it . i know it sounds stupid but thats what makes me feel better, or just be a little less mad.

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Hopefully Benelli is addressing the issues noted on this forum. After all, why else would Benelli put up a forum for their customers to talk about their products and customer service?


The problems I noticed on my SBEII, in no particular order, are:

Someone posted Choke Tube Threads Rust on their gun. My SBEII did not have rust on the choke tube threads.


Benelli is allowing owners of SBEII & M2 shotguns to return their trigger assembly in order to replace the trigger safety spring with a lighter spring.

Stiff Safety - Benelli Response


I had my trigger safety spring replaced and I love the trigger safety. No word from Benelli if or when the factory guns will come with the lighter trigger safety springs.


I contacted Benelli customer service regarding my choke tube wrench not fitting my full choke tube. The wrench will fit all the other choke tubes except the full choke.


Benelli offered to send me a new full choke tube and a new choke tube wrench. The new wrench is the one on Benelli's accessories website with the thread cleaner and not the one that came with the gun. Someone posted that the thread cleaner will not completely reach all the choke threads on the crio barrels. I have not tested the thread cleaner being able to reach all the threads in the SBEII barrel. I need to remember to check this the next time I clean the gun. I received the shipment three weeks after I talked to Benelli customer service.


I like to think of it in terms of a new car model. The first year car model usually has some flaws that get fixed in the second model year. Sometimes it takes three or four years to get all the flaws in design and/or manufacturing resolved. Sometimes never. Caveat Emptor.


I am sure all the issues will get fixed. It is a question of when. Benelli does not want to risk ruining their reputation and incur the cost of labor and materials for fixing the guns after they leave the factory.

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I don't think the spring was a QC issue but more along the lines of a way to save money.. They use that spring in other guns.. Benelli did an amazing job correcting the problem even if some of us got a little upset about the lack of communication. I wouldn't let a few rants stop you from picking one up..

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I appreciate all of the posts and input. I also appreciate this forum sponsored by Benelli. I've been rethinking my need for a 3.5" capable shotgun. I think I might look toward an M2 since today's 3" mags can do a pretty good job on most anything.

I am having trouble even finding a Benelli on the shelf at the local shops. Hope I can dig one up soon.

Thanks again for all of the input.


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