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First time to range with Benelli M1 Tactical


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Well I made it there and back without any problems.


Here are the rounds I used. 4 types altogether. All 2 3/4 you won't see me shooting 3 in. out of this gun. All shooting was done with the IC choke tube in. I would think that the Mod. might tighten the groups up a little. With the full choke you might see some deformation on non-plated buck.


1. Remington Managed recoil 00 Buck. Really like this round but I will have to see if it will cycle the gun later after the round count goes up. It would not clear the gun empty would stay in ejection port with bolt locked to the rear.


This round was really tight @ 15 yd. around 4 in. Like I said very soft shooting and accurate will test further after gun is broken in.


2. Remington Managed recoil 1oz. slug This round is very accurate @ 25 yds. around 2 in. for 5 rounds. Fairly light shooting as much as it can being a slug. Cycled the gun fine just a bit sluggish.


3. Federal Tactical 00 Buck This round is also light shooting but will cycle the gun. It didn't seem to patteren as well as the Remington but like I said it is reliable in the gun. Shooting around 4.5 -5.0 in. @ 15 yds.


4. Winchester 1 oz. Standard Slug. The gun liked these but the operator didn't. Only had one box and the first 2 were touching @ 25 yds but after that I fliched and ruined the group.


All in all I am very happy with the new gun. It is really light and I would not want to shoot full power ammo all day out of it but it is not bad I fired 75 rounds today and no pain or discomfort at all.


I think that I wil have to brighten up the front post to quicken pick up thru the gost ring.


Please if you have an M1 tell me what works for you. My gun has a side saddle on it but was empty this time around.



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My M-1 Tactical has a (4) shot magazine extension, side saddle and a pistol grip stock. I bought this gun used, but I don't believe the previous owner had shot even a box out of it. I took it to a training class at an indoor range which required lead free, frangible ammunition. I was using 2-3/4" 00 Buck and 2-3/4" slugs (325 grain) made by International Cartridge Corp. None of the 00 buck would cycle the action and I had one failure to eject with the slugs. After reading other posts on this forum, I don't believe it was the fault of the ammunition. It appears that I need to break in the shotgun with a couple of boxes of heavy 3" shells.




I love the heat shield that you have on your gun. Where did you get it?


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