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Need Help On Dirty Choke


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I Just got me a M2 this past Spring. I have noticed that when I get done shooting trap 50 rounds or so, my choke tube has a black gummy build up on the inside of it on the part that sits the furtheset in the barrel. This stuf is realy hard to get off. What is the easiest way to get this off and where is this comming from. I had a 870 before this and I never had a problem with this on that gun. I have been shooting Federal and Winchester rounds. Help Please

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I am leery of using a drill with brass or steel brush to clean my gun.


fsh4eye, you may want to purchase a Chamber Brush for cleaning not only the chamber, but for cleaning the choke tube while using your favorite gun cleaner.


I purchased Slip2000 Choke Tube Cleaner to help me reduce the amount of time I spend cleaning the gun. While the choke tube sits in the solution, I am busy cleaning other parts of the gun. It will remove the worst of the carbon/plastic fowling.

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I use Birchwood Choke Tube Lube for the choke tube threads and FP-10 oil on the rest of the gun metal.


By the way, Shooter Choice FP-10 is licensed to use FP-10. FP-10 and Shooter's Choice FP-10 ....The "FAQ's"


I put a layer of FP-10 oil within the barrel with the choke removed, including the area where the choke tube resides.


Then a layer of FP-10 oil on the entire removed choke tube. You then add a bead of Birchwood Choke Tube Lube to the front of the threads of the removed choke tube (front being the threads that will first engage the threads in the barrel) and screw-in the choke tube and tighten.


I was with a friend a couple of weekends ago shooting at an indoor range. He was shooting Federal Trap&Game Load and Remingtion.


For shot shells, I prefer Winchester over Federal (smokey & dirty) and Remington (not sure why shot shells look like tracers at the indoor shooting range).

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