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Extended Magazine Tube on a M1 Tactical?


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I'm thinking of getting a Benelli M1 Tactical (18.5" barrel, ghost ring sights, and a pistol grip). If I buy this gun, I'm really going to want to take the factory 2 shot extension off and install a 4 shot extension (bringing the total capacity to 8 rounds). I'm afraid that this is illegal (even though the AWB has expired) because the Benelli M1 Tactical is an imported weapon it must adhere to the 1990 importation ban. I believe this is the law that makes it illegal to import or assemble an imported non-sporting weapon. This is the same law that made it illegal for pistol gripped AK-47s, FAL, etc to be imported (without 10 US made components).


I have seen some pictures posted on the Internet of Benelli M1, M3, and M4 guns with pistol grips and extended magazines, but I'm afraid to do it myself without knowing for sure if it is legal or not.


So, can anyone help me? Is the M1 Tactical with a pistol grip legal for civilian use if it has a magazine extension on it (7+1 capacity)?




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thats my buddies Benelli Practical stock on there,I put that on because of its better balance and handlling,,,,,the stop the telescopic mod topic is really where they cry about certain features,thats is where you will find my true point about enjoying your Benelli smile.gif M1014((((((((((( :cool:

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