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Loading problem - M1 Super 90


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Ever since I purchased my M1 Super 90 I have had a problem (now and then) trying to get my shells to smoothly load into the magazine. If I am careful and do it slowly - slightly tilting the shell to the bottom of the magazine- it usually loads OK; however, when I am trying to quickly change over to goose loads the shells (both 2 3/4 & 3") tend to jam or drag on the way in - sometimes almost getting stuck. These are not reloads - they are factory fresh Kent & Winchester Shells. My Browning A5 and Pump never had this problem - loading was always silky smooth.


Our local Benelli dealer told me to load slower. I don't think that is the problem.


Tom Knapp sure seems to slip them in rather quickly.


Any suggestions - cuz I really love the way it shoots, just not the loading. :confused:




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Two things similar that I've noticed on my SBEII:


1. The shell elevator will sometimes ever-so-slightly stick about 1/4" from being all the way in when loading shells. A little side to side movement with the shell tends to free it up.


2. When changing shells, make sure that the bolt is closed all the way by giving it a good forward assist shove with the palm of your hand. Simply allowing it slide back into the closed position isn't enough. If the bolt isn't fully closed, you can catch He|| getting another shell in the mag.

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