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Full length mag tube for the M4?


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I was thinking, has anyone ever thought of trying to fit a full length 7rd tube from another shotgun with an 18” barrel to the M4, the FN Police shotguns comes to mind,




It has a phosphate finish that I think would be a perfect match but I have no clue what the threads are, anyway what do you guys think?


How did some of you guys (living in the US) get the full length mag tubes for your M4?


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Originally posted by M1014:

pm m4madness,,he might be home physically :D or hidding from the feds,,,there out to get him,,and soley him,, :D :D little does he know there gonna arrest him anyways for possesion of factory parts :D tongue.gif

LOL, yea I have read some of your ongoing debates with m4madness and I’m not touching it with a 10’ pole lol.


I do see both sides though, 922R is a BS law that you have a one in a billion chance of being charged with, unless maybe you preformed a major crime that drew allot of attention and then the US attorneys office might use 922R as a holding charge until they could get their ducks in a row on the serious charges, but at the same time the last thing I want is trouble.


Not to sound like I need a tin foil hat but the only thing that really makes me uneasy even though I own nothing that’s illegal, is that I have a fairly large collection that I feel might put me in the spot light a little more than others, that and I have seen first hand what the feds can find if they want you bad enough.


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Okay guys, dumb question. Is there any legal distinction between selling a U.S-made +2 shot extension tube, and selling a U.S.-made full-length tube? Don't they both accomplish the same thing? Doesn't the latter example drop the imported "special parts" count by one? Is some law other than 992® relevent here?


I'm not trying to "stir the pot." Imagine you could buy a U.S.-made full-length tube that was distinguishable in some way from the import. Splicing up the legality of a threaded tube by how many pieces it's made of and where they are made is nothing short of insane. BATF, I hope you are listening; care to contribute some answers?


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